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Vaper Aid

Vaporesso Luxe Skkr

Vaporesso Luxe Skkr

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Screen info

  • Dual-battery monitoring
  • Selected mode
  • Wattage
  • Resistance
  • Voltage
  • Puff counter/duration


  • Five clicks on and off
  • Three clicks to unlock
  • Three taps on logo to enter menu
  • Left and right touch to navigate menu
  • Tap logo to enter submenu
  • Left and right touch to navigate submenu
  • Tap logo to exit submenu
  • Select “Exit” to go to the home screen
  • Fire to lock

Menu Options

  • Variable wattage modes (VW-H/VW-N/VW-S)
  • CCW (wattage curves)
  • SP (super player mode)
  • VV (variable voltage)
  • CCV (voltage curves)
  • TC modes (SS/Ni/Ti/M1/M2)
  • BP (bypass mode)
  • Settings
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