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Squidoode Organic Cotton

Squidoode Organic Cotton

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Doode Wick is different from all the other Japanese Organic Cotton brands out there!

Organic Cotton – is generally understood as cotton and is grown in subtropical countries such as Turkey, China, USA from non-genetically modified plants, that is to be grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles. In the United States, cotton plantations must also meet the requirements enforced by the National Organic Program (NOP), from the USDA, in order to be considered organic. This institution determines the allowed practices for pest control, growing, fertilizing, and handling of organic crops. As of 2007, 265,517 bales of organic cotton were produced in 24 countries and worldwide production was growing at a rate of more than 50% per year.

Doode Wick has gone one step further. Through an organic, clean process we are able to remove the remaining impurities left in raw Japanese Organic Cotton. Typically, in its raw state Japanese Organic Cotton will be slightly discoloured and may have small pieces of excess leaf from the plant. By organically processing these impurities out, Doode Wick leaves you with nothing in your way of truly tasting your favourite flavours!


  • Increased Durability
  • 100% natural premium cotton
  • Each package contains six (6) 2.25″ x 2.25″ sheets
  • Each package comes in a resealable metal container
  • Each package comes completely sealed
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