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Nitecore F4 Charger & PowerBank

Nitecore F4 Charger & PowerBank

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Nitcore F4 Charger & Power Bank Overview

The Nitecore F4 is a four bay 2-in-1 battery charger and power bank. Following on from the success of the F1 and F2 chargers, the F4 can charge up to four cells or use the inserted batteries to power your electronic devices. Featuring a slightly different aesthetic look, the F4 has a sliding cover which keeps the batteries safe and protected, whilst providing excellent dust and weather resistance. 

When using as a battery charger, the Nitecore F4 has a maximum charging current of 1A in a single slot. When powering other devices, the power bank has a single USB port maximum output current of 2A. The F4 can power devices such as tablets, smart phones, cameras and more. 

The Nitecore F4 has a real-time LCD display for monitoring the battery status and provides information on the voltage, charging current, charged volume, USB output current and output volume. To ensure energy efficiency, the F4 will automatically activate the Energy Saving Hibernation Function to shut the screen down when there is no operation and no input or output in 10 minutes, or long press the power button for 10 seconds when there is no input or output. 

The charger has an intelligent charging mode selection which automatically detects the battery level and adopts the optimal charging mode (CC or CV). The F4 is able to activate over-discharged Li-ion batteries and protect against short circuiting and reverse polarity. 

The F4 is compatible with Li-ion and IMR 18650 cells.


  • Input: DC 5V=2A
  • Capacity: 60Wh (Max)
  • Output: 4.2V±1% (Battery) / 5V±5% (USB)
                2 x 1A, 4 x 0.5A (Battery) / 2 x 2A (USB)
  • Compatible With: Li-ion/IMR 18650
  • Dimensions: 4.46" x 3.39" x 1.06" / 113.4 mm x 86.1 mm x 27 mm
  • Weight: 4.32 oz. / 122.5 g (excluding charging cable)
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